Our school holds an English and a German library, containing over 2000 books each. The children have the opportunity to visit the libraries every morning before school starts and also during classes.






IT Room
We offer our students a separate IT-room equipped with thirteen PCs with Internet access. Furthermore we have equipment like beamers and cameras for project work.




Newly built in 2006, our gym lets children´s dreams come true. A wide range of equipment including a boulder and climbing wall which supports a wide range of movement possibilities is available.





The school also hosts a workshop providing tools and equipment for textile and technical crafts.

Adjacent to the building is a spacious playground. Large trees offer shade and an open field allows opportunities for different games or sledging in winter. The playground is designed to enable sports activities as well as relaxation and recreation. The children make use of this area during break times, sports lessons and after school care.

The great jungle gym is the central attraction in our playground. It allows many different activities such as sliding, climbing, balancing and much, much more.




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