Goals and Purposes

Our goals and purposes are:

  • to provide high quality international education for children of all nationalities with English as the language of instruction
  • to prepare students to become global citizens through a commitment to the development of the whole child, both as an individual and as a member of the community
  • to develop life-long learning in order to fulfill the social and academic potential of an individual
  • to promote student centered learning and cultivate independent learners who are creative, inquisitive and critical thinkers with a high level of knowledge and skills
  • to promote an appreciation of Austria’s culture and environment
  • to continually measure our practices against the best, in order to set the standard for all


We believe that:

  • children thrive when expectations are high and self-esteem higher; especially in a safe environment that nurtures the whole individual
  • a variety of teaching strategies, meaningful materials and emerging technology should be used to maximize student potential and individual learning
  • social skills, such as life skills, deserve the same attention as academic ones
  • all children deserve a high quality education in which individual needs are met, exceeded and supported through differentiated learning
  • school is not just about children: it encompasses families, the parenting community, stakeholders, society, the environment and the world
  • the development of all aspects of the individual is essential


We value:

  • tolerance, appreciation and respect for human differences among all of us in the IES community
  • a hands-on, student-centered learning approach, which is essential for a deeper understanding of the material
  • the ability to create and maintain enthusiasm for life-long learning
  • curiosity, self-discipline, perseverance and passion for learning and a belief that these values foster personal fulfillment and lead to pride in achievement
  • communication and its powerful ability to bring individuals and communities together

Goals Beliefs Values

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