Welcome to IES!

I am pleased to introduce you to Innsbruck Elementary School, Tirol’s first and only English speaking elementary school.Brief.der.Direktion

Our young and enthusiastic team of English and German native speaker teachers work in a learning environment that is characterized by openness, mutual respect and cultural diversity.

IES ensures a profound high-quality education for students with international backgrounds. Our aim is to teach the Austrian standard curriculum in English. Our outmost concern is the fostering of self-confidence and a multicultural learning environment. In addition to cultivating the English language, we place a high value on independent and student-centered learning.

We value and develop the contact and cooperation with the parents.

Since opening in 2007, Innsbruck Elementary School has continued to grow and is able to reflect on positive feedback from students, parents and teachers.

It would give me great pleasure to welcome you to Innsbruck Elementary School!


Gerlinde Prazeller

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