Our After School Care was awarded the seal of quality „Kompetenzzentrum für schulische Tagesheimbetreuung“ in 2008 by the Austrian Department of Education and Art because of its diverse and high quality service.

Children of all four elementary grades are able to attend the After School Care. The supervision starts at 11:45 (following the 4th period) and ends at 17:15, except for Fridays, when the school closes at 16:00.

It is possible to attend After School Care for 1-5 days. The price varies according to the days enrolled. For further information please contact Claudia Wieser (0680-3210078) or the principal.

Daily routine

At the end of lessons the children go straightaway to the after school care on the ground floor of the building. Depending on when the children finish school, they might spend an hour in the school playground to unwind from the schoolday. Afterwards they get a balanced meal in the cafeteria.


The individual time for learning starts at 14:00. During this period the children are able to do their homework and study. When finished, they are provided with additional exercises in accordance to their level.
Finally there is time for recreation and play. Numerous games, building blocks and puzzles are available. After the homework group time starts. The after school teachers provide many meaningful activities with each group including music, sports, handicrafts, reading and much more. The day is completed with an outdoor play session.

The after school care places a great emphasis on outdoor movement and sports. The spacious school playground with its junglegym is therefore in regular use.


Scheme model “Tagesbetreuung Neu”

Since the academic year 2010/11 the After School Care has offered the three focal points “experiments”, “sports” and “art, music and drama” to an extent of 2 hours weekly.

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