Our After School Care was awarded the seal of quality „Kompetenzzentrum für schulische Tagesheimbetreuung“ in 2008 by the Austrian Department of Education and Art because of its diverse and high quality service.

Children of all four elementary grades are able to attend the After School Care. The supervision starts at 11:45 (following the 4th period) and ends at 17:15, except for Fridays, when the school closes at 16:00.

It is possible to attend After School Care for 1-5 days. The price varies according to the days enrolled. For further information please contact Claudia Mitterer (0680-3210078) or the principal.

After School Care Teachers:

Gruber Gregor   0680-2146222
Wieser Claudia
Neill Stephen   0680-1480821
Klotz Marie Therese  0680-2442214
Schellander Madeleine 0680-2488720
Berger Alexander 0680-3113575
Cazolli Maurice  0680-3113567
Unterdörfel Kathrin

Tagesheim Administration

Claudia Mitterer 0680-3210078 cla.mitterer@tsn.at

Opening times:

Monday – Thursday until 5.15pm, Fridays 4.00pm.
The children can be picked up at every full hour and anytime from 4.00pm, please don’t pick them up before 4.30pm on the Schwerpunkttag.
If a child is allowed to walk home alone, the parents have to send in a written permission and an explanation. Children without a written permission will not be sent home!
Please pick up your children at 5.15pm at the latest.

Daily routine

The children go to aftercare on the ground floor right after school ends to have lunch, they mustn’t leave the school building.

Please remind your children, especially the kids of the first classes, that they have to go to aftercare if they don’t go every day.

Every day lunch is freshly made by the Wohnheim Reichenau and is then delivered to our school.
Lunch consists of a first course, followed by the main course and a dessert. Our agreement is: Every child tries some of the food, but nobody will be forced to eat up!

Please inform us of any of your child’s allergies!
We try to keep lunch a quiet time.

After lunch we go outside into the garden, if the weather is fine.

From 2pm to 3pm the children have time to do their homework. The daycare teacher acts as support and checks the homework of the children as far as possible.
We would like to ask you to check the homework of your child nevertheless, and to take care of the reading homework individually, especially if your child is in 1st grade.

A part of the afternoon is reserved for free playtime or for group Schwerpunkte.

We try to use our school garden as much as possible, because it’s important to us that the children spend a lot of time in fresh air and move a lot.
Later in the afternoon there will be a fruit snack.


We offer 3 Schwerpunkte in our school:

  • Sports
  • Creative workshop
  • Experiments

Two hours each week are reserved for our Schwerpunkte and they are spread evenly over the school year. The Schwerpunkt is changed after Christmas- and Easterholidays.


Once each month there is an Aktivtag for every group, which mostly takes place outside the school building. No homework will be given that day so the children can start the activity right after lunch.

Dates and information will be sent out in advance by the daycare teachers. There may be small costs for these activities.

 The children should bring:

  •  House shoes
  • Extra clothes for the 1st and 2nd grades
  • A shirt for arts
  • Clothes according to the weather: Rain jacket and pants, waterproof shoes, ski suit as soon as it snows

Please put a name tag on everything!

Notice of removal:

The unsubscription for lunch has to be handed in the day before until 10.00am.

Text message or e-mail Claudia Mitterer (anytime)
Contactable by phone from 9am
E-mail: cla.mitterer@tsn.at, phone 0680-3210078

If the lunch doesn’t get unsubscribed in time, it will have to be paid regardless.

If a child gets picked up right after school and doesn’t attend the aftercare please inform the daycare teacher.
A change of aftercare days (from 1-2 days to 3-5 days or the other way round) is possible at the end of each month, a complete removal from the school aftercare is only possible at the end of the semester.


10 times a year (from September to June) the following fees will be charged: For attending 1-2 days €26,25, or for 3-5 days €35. The lunch costs € 4,70. Only the actually consumed lunches will be charged monthly. Additionally you have to pay a kitchen surcharge of 5,90€ each month.

The deduction will be made through a debit order by the city.
There is a possibility for cost reduction at a certain income limit. The appropriate forms can be collected in the school office or from Mrs. Mitterer. Due Date: 24.09.2018


On school holidays the aftercare will stay closed as well. Registration for holiday care during the autumn-, winter-, semester- and Easter holidays will be announced in advance.



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