• are fluent and possess a high level of English
  • plan together
  • work in a team
  • communicate openly with other teachers, students and parents
  • team teach and lead classes together
  • offer a safe, high-level learning environment
  • model respect, communication and positive learning habits to the students
  • have an open door and willingness to work with parents for the betterment of each student’s education


  • are committed to their child’s education at I.E.S.
  • encourage the child
  • support the child’s second language
    (create occasions to use this language outside school: friends, books, games, music, movies, websites…)
  • show interest in school work
  • are willing to cooperate
    (example: willing to talk English to the native English teachers)


In addition to the child’s school maturity, the child needs:

  • to possess a high-level of English (speaking and comprehension)
  • linguistic flexibility
  • desire to communicate
  • high motivation
  • ability to focus and concentrate

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