Innsbruck Elementary is pleased to be able to provide affordable clothing with our school’s logo on it for your children to wear and display their school pride. Orders will be placed once a year and the children will receive a letter to take home when the orders are being placed.  Along with the letter, the children will receive a bank slip to pay online. Orders may also be paid directly at your bank. Sizes and prices are listed below. Unfortunately, we will not be able to return items due to incorrect sizes ordered, so please be certain of your child’s size before ordering.


If you have any questions please ask your child’s teacher

and thank you for supporting the spirit of our school!



T-SHIRT (orange with embroidered I.E.S. logo) - €10.00
POLO SHIRT (orange with embroidered I.E.S. logo) - €15.00
SWEATSHIRT WITH HOOD (orangewith embroidered I.E.S. logo) - €22.00



A sample of each article of clothing can also be seen in the display case as you enter the school!

If you are still unsure of the sizing, we will have a sample of each size at our school for you to try on your child if you would like.

ages/cm: 7-8 / 122-128 cm
ages/cm: 9-11 / 134-146 cm
ages/cm: 12-14 / 152-164 cm

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