Open Day

We welcome future students to have a look at our school on:

Friday, 10th of November 2017

9:00-11:45: open classrooms
14:00: information

Timetable for the first week of school

Monday, 11th of September: 8:00-9:45

Tuesday, 12th of September: 8:00-10:55

Wednesday, 13th of September: 8:00-11:45

Thursday, 14th of September: 8:00-11:45,
church service in the parish church from 11:00-11:45

Friday, 15th of September: 8:00-11:45

After School Care starts on Wednesday, 13th of Septmeber.

Timetable for the last week of school

Monday, 3rd of July: 8:00-11:45

Tuesday, 4th of July: 8:00-11:45

Wednesday, 5th of July: 8:00-11:45

Thursday, 6th of July: 8:00-10:55,
church service in the parish church from 8:00-9:00

Friday, 7th of July: 8:00-9:40

German Library

The German Library will close on the 20th of June.

Please return all books!

every Tuesday and Friday: 7:15-7:40

every Wednesday: 11:50-12:30

Induction Day

We welcome next year’s first graders to have look at our school on:

Wednesday, 7th of June 2017




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