First Enrolement

19th – 22nd of November 2018

Dates can be arranged at the Open Day or please contact the principal

Open Day

Friday, 16th of November 2018

9:00-11:45: Open Classes

14:00: Information Talk

UCI Road World Championships

The Road Cycling World Championships are taking place from 22nd-30th of September 2018.

Please be mindful that roads on your way to or from school might be blocked.


Timetable for the first week of school

Wednesday, September 05th, 2018:         08:00 – 9:45

Thursday, September 06th, 2018:         08:00 – 10:55

 Friday, September 07th, 2018:    08:00 – 11:45

Tagesheim starts on Monday, September 10th, 2018.




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