Programme at Innsbruck Elementary School

At Innsbruck Elementary School, we follow the Austrian school curriculum.

The school has a strong focus on new forms of learning and teaching, such as informal education, co-operative and peer learning, cross-curricular teaching and project learning. Our students build a foundation in literacy, numeracy, cognitive and social skills and learn more about themselves, each other and the world through a broad curriculum.

All classes, apart from German, are taught in English.

The school’s program allows an English native speaker teacher and an Austrian teacher to work in a team teaching environment. The co-teaching approach allows for differentiated learning, more one-on-one time with the students, peer learning through a hands-on style of teaching and enables two teachers to assess the students’ progress.

For all four grade levels, the programme at IES includes the following modules




Creativity &

7 periods
dominant language

4 periods

2 periods
nature, science
community, time, economy

3 periods

2 periods
foreign language

1 period each
art, crafts, music

1 period
Peace Builders

Alternative assessment

In Grade One alternative assessment methods are applied. The students’ growth is recorded in a “Progress Book.” In Grades Two, Three and Four, the students are issued with an Austrian report card in both English and German.

Extended curriculum

The students at Innsbruck Elementary school have an extended schedule. Compared to the standard Austrian curriculum, all students attend additional Language Arts classes and also take part in the unique “Peace Builders” programme.

Programme 1Programme 2Programme 3Programme-4

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